2012 RAND Symposium Report: Corporate Culture and Ethical Leadership Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: What Should Boards, Management, and Policymakers Do Now?

by davidgebler on October 10, 2012

On May 16, 2012, RAND brought together a group of public company directors and executives, chief ethics and compliance officers, and stakeholders from the government, academic, and nonprofit sectors for a series of conversations about organizational culture, as well as to explore the business and policy ramifications of efforts to build better ethical cultures in corporations.

The symposium discussions featured a range of viewpoints on the history and progress of compliance initiatives, the barriers to achieving a strong ethical culture within corporations, and what corporate boards, executives, and policymakers can do to cultivate such cultures.  Symposium participants put forward a range of solutions, many of which sought to overcome the common tendency to view compliance as a legal issue more so than a cultural one.

Four RAND invited white papers (attached to the report):

  • Jeffrey M. Kaplan, a partner at the law firm Kaplan & Walker LLP, “Semi-Tough: A Short History of Compliance and Ethics Program Law
  • David Gebler, president of Skout Group, LLC, a corporate consultancy, “The Start of the Slippery Slope: Why Leaders Must Manage Culture to Create a Sustainable Ethics and Compliance Program
  • Patrick Gnazzo, principal of Better Business Practices LLC, and Keith Darcy, executive director of the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association, “Preventing Corporate Crime: What Boards and Management Should Do Next to Support Ethical Culture and Stronger C&E Programs
  • Joseph Murphy, director of public policy at the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics, “Over 20 Years Since the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: What Government Can Do Next to Support Effective Compliance and Ethics Programs.”

Click here to download a copy of the report: RAND Symposium Report Fall 2012

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