About Us

—– Culture impacts ethics, strategy, and performance. Skout Group, LLC was founded to integrate the founders’ collective experience in ethics, values, governance and strategy to create new approaches to pragmatically manage culture-based risks.
Skout’s President, David Gebler, is a pioneer in the field of values-based business ethics. David has seen, and helped shape, the emerging trend whereby companies realize that achieving an effective ethical culture is dependent on how successfully they create and maintain a healthy organizational culture.
Scott Staunton, Skout’s Senior VP of Sales, has been advising executives for more than 23 years in areas including organizational development, yield management, capacity utilization, operational productivity/cost reduction, Lean manufacturing/kaizen, sales and marketing efficiency, warehousing and distribution, process integration and redesign, and management & supervisory development.Scott can be reached at sstaunton@skoutgroup.com and at 231.823.4013
Dan Slenker, Skout’s VP of Business Development, has demonstrated continued proven success by achieving business development goals that exceed key performance objectives and the associated metrics to produce top level sales.  Prior, to his work at Skout, Dan worked for the Chesterfield Management Consulting Group, as sales director and Certified Management Consultant, working for a cross section of different industries. Dan received training through Arthur Anderson’s independent consulting, audit, and associated training programs.Dan can be reached at dslenker@skoutgroup.com and at 636.579.0378
Sage Partners, a stakeholder in, and advisor to, Skout, is a global team of veteran management professionals who are experts in applying values and culture in their strategic advisory services to boards of directors and senior leaders.Tom Doorley, Sage Partner’s Founder and CEO, is the author of Value-Creating Growth, a major contribution to the conceptual foundations of successful, high performance organizations. A central theme of the book is the role of culture and its contribution to sustainable performance.Larry Bennigson has been a faculty member at Harvard Business School, and taught at Stanford University, London Business School and the Graduate School of Business at Lund University, Sweden. His teaching included leading strategic change and managing corporate culture.Dutch lawyer and tax expert Hugo J.A. van der Zee is the former director of the Emerging Market Leaders Programme at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Currently, Mr Van der Zee is active in a number of director, board and advisor positions in the corporate and public governance field, including the Global Leaders Academy, a group that supports and nurtures a new generation of transformational leaders.