I have seen David Gebler put these powerful ideas into action and they work.  Helping to evolve companies of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

– Shira Goodman, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources, Staples, Inc.

We have been honored to support a number of the world’s leading companies in their pursuit of high-performing ethical cultures. Representative engagements include:

  • Web-based culture assessment for global financial services firm. Survey went to 50,000 employees in 100 countries in 14 languages. Data provided insights to senior leadership as to both common values risks across the enterprise as well specific issues within key demographic groups.
  • Web-based culture assessment across 2,200 employees of a division of a global defense contractor and Management Drives workshops with Executive Staff and senior leadership teams. Results used to guide task force to restate core values and frame action items and agenda for local training and workshops to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Global web-based culture assessment for major software company rebuilding ethics and compliance program in accordance with mandate from Deferred Prosecution Agreement.
  • Global web-based culture assessment for global manufacturing company with commercial and government divisions. Analysis used in reformulation of core values and as foundational learning objectives in leadership training program.
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