What We Do

 …and How We Do It

Skout helps leaders leverage their organization’s culture to generate value, save money, and stay out of trouble.

Your Company’s Culture May be the Reason Why:

  • Good Employees Do Bad Things
  • Strategy Execution is So Hard
  • Teams Underperform and Innovation Lags

Skout Group LLC advises global companies on how to more effectively manage their organizational culture to improve performance and reduce risks.

We help our clients remove the barriers that keep their people from doing what they want to do, and what the organization needs them to do.

How Do We Do It?

We keep it simple.
We know what motivates people to change and we work with you to identify and build on those key elements.
We provide a turn-key solution. Behavior change must be experiential and sustained. The goal is not to check a box, the goal a measurable change.

Our unique combination of tools and services can change a culture in three stages:

Assess: As a leader, you need to know what intangible risks are lurking in your organization’s culture. Skout can uncover the actual positive values that drive performance as well as the negative values that engender fear, frustration or lack of engagement. The assessment will uncover which key performance indicators motivate behavior in your organization and which can shut it down, as well as which elements of the culture are generating the greatest amount of stress.

Plan: A gap exists between the perceptions of employees and managers and the strategic goals of the organization. Creating alignment between the employees and the organization’s goals and values paves the way to improved performance and decreased risk. Regardless of whether the goals relate to integrity or the need to innovate in order to navigate market changes, leaders must know how to bridge that gap. Messaging from the top down plays a role, but bringing employees on board requires a bottom-up approach as well, understanding the issues, challenges and concerns of various members of the organization.

Act: Change is implemented by human beings who have fears and doubts. Skout’s incremental approaches help leaders, managers, and individual contributors learn and practice skills that foster improved dialogue and accountability.

Our work is done in the context of the implementation of your strategic objective: be it ethics, innovation, quality or performance. Culture change opens up the pathways for the strategy to be implemented.


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