What We Do

Skout helps leaders leverage their organization’s culture to generate value, save money, and stay out of trouble.

Your Company’s Culture May be the Reason Why:

  • Good Employees Do Bad Things
  • Strategy Execution is So Hard
  • Teams Underperform

Skout Group LLC advises global companies on how to more effectively manage their organizational culture to improve performance and reduce risks.

We help our clients remove the barriers that keep their people from doing what they want to do, and what the organization needs them to do.

How can we help you clear the roadblocks to performance?

Our unique combination of tools and services can change a culture in three stages:

Assess: As a leader, you must learn about your people and your culture in the context of their values and the performance roadblocks they face. Which key performance indicators will reveal what motivates behavior in your organization and what can shut it down? Which elements of the culture are generating the greatest amount of stress?

Plan: What’s the root cause of what is blocking performance? The unique values of Commitment, Integrity and Transparency frame the relationships among the Values, Goals, and Standards.  Power Values illuminates the dynamics of these relationships allows you to uncover areas of risk and to understand the cause of the gaps. You can then identify and prioritize the interventions that will reestablish a dynamic and effective organizational culture.

Act: Design an action plan that allows for behavior changes to progress logically and that can be adapted for the specific needs of the various subcultures inside your organization.

Applying the Power Values: See how leading organizations have used their values to clear the roadblocks to performance