Culture in a Box

Imagine you want to get into better shape. You can buy a gym membership. You can even hire a personal trainer to make a

22446446_mschedule for you and even drive you to the gym. But she can’t get on the treadmill for you.

There are no magic solutions for changing an organization. It can be done, but the leaders, managers, and employees have to do the work.
Skout can help by making the process clear and simple. We design clear action plans that involve leaders, managers and directors, and line employees in the following core elements:
Awareness – Individual readiness for change
  • The biggest hurdle to implementing change is the resistance of managers and leaders who are stuck in their current attitudes and assumptions.
  • Managers need to experience how their current mindsets can be holding them back.
  • Leaders must be aware of whether their mindsets may be a barrier to strategy execution
  • Tools
    • personal coaching for leaders
    • Workshops for leaders and managers
    • Workshops and online tools for line employees
Communication – Top Down and Bottom Up
  • Development of 2-way communication channels so all levels of the organization are heard
  • Identification and correction of inconsistencies in messaging throughout the organization
Accountability –
  • Managers employees must challenge themselves to take ownership of the areas they can control
  • Online tools allow each employee to identify areas to pursue and then provide checklists to guide practice and first steps in changing actions and dialogue