The process of safeguarding the culture involves multiple forms of messaging, learning and strategic planning to move the workforce to the desired culture. Each of the elements Skout designs and implements are part of the integrated strategy to effect the desired behavior change.

Core Values

An organization’s core values can be wallpaper for the office lobby or can be a roadmap for change.

Data from the Assessment reveals which values are missing and which are needed to effect change. Some organizations define core values at the organizational level, some at the operations level. Skout works with its clients to ensure that values are linked to behavior and the operational means to ensure that those behaviors are consistent with the organization’s business objectives.

Codes of Business Conduct

To be consistent with new regulatory guidelines, a code needs to set forth expected standards of behavior in the context of the culture and values. Employees know that they are expected to “do the right thing.” A best-practices code of conduct must help employees navigate when then would like to do the right thing but may feel pressured not to.


Two-way communication isn’t easy. Often the message being communicated is not the message that is heard. We design tools to ensure that the messages are heard and embraced, not just spoken.

Leadership Development and Coaching

Based on the culture assessment, if leadership determines that certain mindsets of its staff must change to create the desired culture, Skout will develop and facilitate experiential workshops for senior staff and managers to see where their own behavior create roadblocks for the success of the department.

In many instances Skout will coach individual leaders as well as teams to help them overcome their roadblock to performance.


Awareness of the standards is just the beginning. The organization needs to ensure that employees at various levels know how to model expected behavior.

Skout develops innovative in-person and online training and workshops that focus on behavior: identifying WHY people struggle to do what they want to do, and what can be done to remove those obstacles to performance.