Keys to the Power Values

Culture Drives Performance

The Power Values way is a unique approach for managing organizational culture that permits leaders to see what factors can be influenced to effect change. The key factor in determining whether a culture is functioning well, or not, is how successfully the organization has aligned three core elements that together define the organization’s culture:

  • Mission & Goals (what it does)
  • stated and unstated Standards of behavior (how it does it) and
  • Values (why it does it)

Leaders then need to understand how to drive behavior change. It turns out that just three specific values—commitment, integrity, and transparency— can create a simple roadmap to design the culture changes leadership needs.

The Power Values provides leaders with a pragmatic user’s guide to harness these three “Power Values.”

  • Commitment links values to goals by smoothing out ways for employees to feel engaged and connected.
  • Integrity links the walk (standards) with the talk (goals), building trust by generating consistency and predictability.
  • Transparency creates an open environment where employees can express their values without fear.

Organizations where employees live these “Power Values” are marked by dedication, openness, and personal responsibility. Employees take the initiative to ensure that the company can achieve its goals in the short-term without sacrificing long-run sustainability. It helps them create a culture that yields positive results by removing the roadblocks that impede progress.