How do you know where to start?

A strategic plan to change a culture must be built on a framework that permits participants to effect the desired changes.

Skout provides a step-by-step process that reveals how the Power Values of Commitment, Integrity and Transparency create alignment among Values, Goals, and Standards – the elements that make up your culture. Areas of risk are uncovered and the cause of gaps between Goals, Values and Standards are revealed.

This process allows you to identify and prioritize the interventions needed to reestablish a dynamic and effective organizational culture.

In its comprehensive report, Skout presents analysis of the Values Assessment results in combination with the anecdotal data from the Focus Groups and Interviews. The report provides a clear picture of where the organization is now and where it needs to go.

We thus focus on four key outcomes:

  • Pinpoint root causes of identified issues by linking assessment results to data from Employee Opinion Surveys and other data collected by the company.
  • Detail steps to reduce tension and increase productivity by better aligning organization sub-cultures (functions and units) to their tasks and roles.
  • Create a long-term culture monitoring and intervention process with specific initiatives, including communication and skills training at a corporate and local work group level.
  • Impact both the bottom line and the ethical climate by identifying areas where compliance can be linked with business performance issues.