How do you know where to start?

What are the first steps to aligning the culture to drive performance?

Based on the assessment we look at the presence or absence of values that support Commitment, Integrity, and Transparency values. The status of these values will guide development of a culture alignment plan:
  • Commitment –
    • Are employees willing to take the kind of risks needed to innovate as well as be accountable for their actions?
    • Do employees act like passive victims of their circumstances or do they look for the way through any situation?
  • Integrity –
    • Is there a sense of consistency and fairness in management decisions?
  • Transparency –
    • Can the truth be told? What’s the level of honesty and open communication?
    • Are the organization’s principles reflected its actions? If not, why not?

Strategic Analysis

Skout’s comprehensive analysis of the Assessment lays out a roadmap for leadership to develop detailed action plans to close gaps in their culture.
The analysis will evaluate the level of risk generated within the organization by focusing on these key areas:
  • What are the driving values and motivators of leaders, managers, and the staff? What engages them and what causes a lack of focus and productivity? What is the significance of values differences across the various demographic cuts?
  • How does the staff see the current culture? What role do they play in relation to the organization as a whole? Are there areas which leadership needs to focus in on to prepare the organization for growth and change?
  • How does the staff define what is essential for high performance? Is the collective vision of the workforce in sync with leadership? How will the employees’ current view of what is needed align with where the organization is going?
  • What will be required to create culture alignment? Which are the elements in the culture that are creating dysfunction and which are the elements that can be tapped to be the catalysts for safeguarding the best of the current culture and for propelling the organization to its next stage of growth?

Recommendations and Debriefing Workshop

Skout spends time with the senior leadership team to ensure that the current state and the path to success are well understood. A values debrief workshop is an opportunity for leadership to see their organization through a different lens. The results of the Assessment is the starting place for a rich discussion of where the staff may be challenged in their ability to create the kind of culture needed to be effective and sustainable. Leaders will discuss the impact on the organization of the staff’s articulation of their personal values, how they see the current work environment and what they see as essential for the organization to be high performing.
The workshop will also create an opportunity for the members of the leadership team to uncover where they may be unknowingly creating an environment that impedes the ability of staff to create the desired culture.