How to Make Culture Matter: Know The 3 Power Values

What are the practical steps you can take to remove the roadblocks to performance and create a culture that sustains growth?


David Gebler has written a much needed and timely book exploring the impact of corporate culture on employee behavior and organizational success. The 3 Power Values provides a simple framework for action that will help any organization reduce risks and achieve long-term sustainable value.

– Shari Redstone, Vice-Chairman CBS Corporation and Viacom Inc.

The 3 Power Values – How Commitment, Integrity & Transparency Clear the Roadblocks to Performance

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The 3 Power Values- Chapter 1


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This is just an excellent, excellent book. Gebler’s unique talent is to combine a big idea, such as the need to remove roadblocks as the key to performance, with precisely defined linkages between values, culture and behavior. He brings needed commonsense to the often vague, unactionable, and fog-sculpting enterprise known as organizational effectiveness. 

– Charles H. Green, co-author The Trusted Advisor, Founder/CEO Trusted Advisor Associates

I have seen David Gebler put these powerful ideas into action and they work.  Helping to evolve companies of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

– Shira Goodman, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources, Staples, Inc

Illuminating, compelling and actionable…a true contribution for leaders navigating the complex intersection of company performance, values, compliance, people and organizational behavior.

–  Kim Rucker, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Avon Products, Inc.

An erudite and comprehensive account of why culture and values matter from a consultant who lives and breathes his métier.

– Richard Barrett, Chairman and Founder of the Barrett Values Centre, and Author of the New Leadership Paradigm

 I have worked with David Gebler for over 7 years and with “The 3 Power Values” he is once again at the forefront of driving positive cultural change in organizations.  A must read.

– Vincent Brockman, EVP, General Counsel, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

David Gebler’s book draws as much on his decades of hands-on experience working with companies on their ethical challenges as it does on his keen insight into the three values—commitment, integrity, and transparency – that drive any company’s performance. It’s essential reading for all managers striving to understand their corporate culture and create a high-performing organization.

– Jeffrey Seglin, syndicate columnist and author of The Right Thing: Conscience, Profit and Personal Responsibility in Today’s Business.

“David Gebler’s “The 3 Power Values” is a must read for every manager of a private or public institution. Creating a culture of trust and commitment is crucial for any institution to survive long-term. Yet sustaining cooperation internally and maintaining a reputation for trustworthiness is complex. “The 3 Power Values” is a clear and unique guide to creating and maintaining such a culture. It is simple without being simplistic and convincing without being rigid and inflexible. This book can guide different institutions towards the same goals.

–      Tamar Frankel, Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law. Among her books are “Trust and Honesty America’s Business Culture at a Crossroad” (2006) and Fiduciary Law (2010).”

Outstanding practical guidance on a difficult and crucially important issue for managers 

– Joseph L. Badaracco, John Shad Professor of Business Ethics, Harvard Business School

 Drawing heavily on basic psychological and economic principles, The 3 Power Values is a must read for leaders wishing to better understand their people, their organizations, and themselves.  All of us benefit when individuals and organizations exercise commitment, integrity, and transparency.

— Jennifer Robin, Co-author of The Great Workplace


Look for “The 3 Power Values” to be published by Jossey-Bass, an imprint of Wiley, in May 2012.

Why is it so hard to keep good employees from doing the wrong things?

You may be looking in the wrong direction. Your employees are good people who already embody the values needed to propel the organization to its goals. It’s your culture that is getting in the way.

All too often leaders don’t know how to diagnose their corporate culture in order to clear the roadblocks to performance. The 3 Power Values presents a breakthrough model that permits leaders to measure and manage their organization’s culture. To create a fully aligned high-performing culture, leaders need only focus on nurturing three catalyst values: Commitment, Integrity, and Transparency.

The 3 Power Values:

  • Makes the intangible tangible by breaking down key concepts into actionable behaviors.
  • Helps leaders see the beginning of the slippery slope to determine which seemingly benign actions by managers and employees are at the root of troubles down the road.

The 3 Power Values offers leaders at all levels a unique and accessible approach to identifying the behavioral challenges that are hindering their corporate culture and to removing them effectively.