The Culture Ate Our Corporate Reputation

by davidgebler on October 5, 2016

I would add only one thought to Lou Gerstner’s articulation of culture in the Wall Street Journal: Culture is the gap between what leaders say they want and what they actually get. And the key is to understand where and why that gap exists and persists


C’mon Wells Fargo – How NOT to respond to a scandal

by davidgebler on September 9, 2016

The scope of the Wells Fargo credit card scandal is bad enough – 2 million false deposit and credit card accounts opened without customers’ knowledge; over 5,000 employees fired. But what’s even more disturbing is how the first steps to address the scandal seem to be a very familiar band-aid. Three items jump out as […]


The Harvard Business Review is continuing the conversation as to the proper role of culture as it relates to performance I have found that it helps to look at culture as a means to an end. It is a tool that can either impede or enhance the work that is being done to achieve a […]


It was a great learning opportunity to pair up with Pamela Mattsson of Axialent to talk about why Good People do Bad Things Good People Webinar. Using Conscious Business tools to be more mindful of the mindsets we each bring to the workplace every day can be a powerful means of not letting our human nature bring […]


Blue Apron has the Recipe for Culture Change

by davidgebler on March 9, 2016

Our growing love of healthy and sustainable food doesn’t necessarily translate into a growing love of cooking. Many people who want to eat healthy and interesting meals don’t have the time, nor the inclination to cook. Enter the meal-kit service business, estimated to grow to $3 billion in the coming years. Blue Apron, one of […]

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Accountability is Power

by davidgebler on September 16, 2014

In today’s Wall Street Journal: For compliance professionals wanting to foster an atmosphere of accountability in their companies, Mr. Gebler said they need to first look inward to understand what drives their own behaviors because “this can help us drive behavior in an organization.” 


Waigaya is the Way

by davidgebler on August 8, 2014

Strategy + Business posted a wonderful article by Jeffrey Rothfeder on a powerful process for quickly addressing and resolving immediate issues as well as fostering innovation. A “waigaya” is an informal meeting or team of employees focusing on a single issue. As Rothfeder states, “At the heart of waigaya is a single concept: Paradoxes and disagreements […]


The Wall Street Journal highlights positive steps hospitals can take to increase nurses’ time with patients. The first step, to improve the processes to be more patient-focused, is the right one. The hard part is to change the culture within the hospital that addresses longstanding hierarchies and blame. Every administrator and clinical wants to put the […]

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Culture Matters – What makes a good auto recall?

by davidgebler on July 13, 2014

See my blog in the Huffington Post discussing how Honda’s culture of safety reflects a different approach than the culture faced by GM where the value of transparency was certainly hard to find